Portable Speed Bumps

Control Traffic With Technology . . . Not People – The Traffic Guard PSB Series is a portable speed bump system that allows you to control the flow of traffic in various situations such as: Emergencies, Temporary Traffic Patterns, Check Points, Civic Activities, Church Zones, School Safety, Special Events and more. These  portable speed bumps are designed to temporarily control traffic. These speed bumps can be set up in few minutes. Due to their one of a kind patented design, they deploy fast and conform to almost any type of surface such as asphalt and concrete. These speed bumps are invaluable because they not only control  a vehicle speed, but  help protect  our children. They aslo can be used  by police and fire, airport personnel , utility  pole workers, and busy parking lots.  Click here for details and pricing

portable Speed Bumps

Traffic Guard Portable Speed Bump w/Delineators

The Ultimate Guardian Package is not only a speed bump but also a traffic control barrier. The added reflective poles easily convert a portable speed bump into the Ultimate Guardian and provide easy night time visibility. Click here for details and pricing

Speed Bump

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